JDR - Judicial Dispute Resolution, Inc.

JDR neutrals are retired judges and experienced trial attorneys resolving legal disputes using formats of: Mediation, Arbitration, Early Neutral Evaluation, and Discovery Referee. 

Case Management & Administration:  is personal service with quick calendaring, private/single hearings.

#1 Choice of Trial Counsel:  for last minute or pre/interim discovery, pre/post trial verdict resolution.  

Absolute Lowest Rates:   No - filing fees, case management-administrative fees, conference room fees.


 J.D.R. is the creation of Timothy J. Rabun, Esq.  who began his professional career in 1987 working with “a handful of retired judges and a dog.”   In late 1990, twelve independent judges met with him stating they simply wanted to resolve disputes, and “Judicial Dispute Resolution” was created.  In 1991, “J.D.R.” opened its first office in Costa Mesa and is today Orange County’s first (and only) independent neutral panel.  

The Mission Statement of 1991 is the same as 2016: providing the legal profession and business community the most qualified, independent neutrals from the bench and bar as Mediators, Arbitrators, Early Neutral Evaluators, Discovery Referees, and Special Masters. 

J.D.R. neutrals are retired Superior Court Judges, Appellate Court Justices and certified Trial Attorneys each with an average of 30+ years trial experience.  J.D.R. is different from other panels which may have inherent conflict issues.  J.D.R. neutrals are fiercely independent, i.e., non-exclusive nor required to remain exclusive to the panel. It is their desire to remain free from any actual or apparent conflict of interest. Indeed, it is their integrity that remains the hallmark of the panel.  All J.D.R. panels in California and nationally are intentionally small, elite and manageable. 

Aside from basic legal journal and internet advertising, J.D.R. has a long standing history of promoting privacy.  J.D.R. does not grant interviews to the media or press and does not publish its resolutions. Complex legal disputes, cases of emerging law, matters of a sensitive nature, international business issues,  and especially, last minute alternatives to litigation are typical calendared hearings.  

Some resolved disputes have been noted: “landmark”  “innovative” and “invaluable.”

J.D.R. calendaring and resolution is about quality – not quantity.  J.D.R. has been called “a small wonder” because after 25 years and thousands of cases, all of them, are still calendared - one at a time.  

J.D.R. clients are:  large, medium, small size law firms; new, senior and sole practitioners; large corporate and small business; international business and domestic interests; and federal, state, and municipal entities. 

J.D.R. is honored to have quietly served so many deserving persons, businesses and noble causes.

Timothy J. Rabun, Esq.

Timothy J. Rabun, Esq.

Timothy J. Rabun, Esq. is C.E.O.   He served as a Navy Corpsman in the Vietnam War, earned his B.A. from U.C.L.A. and his J.D. as a Deans List graduate from Western State University Fullerton.

He is admitted to practice in all California courts, the U.S. District Court Central and was personally admitted by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

He served as Judge Pro Tempore in the Superior Courts of: Long Beach, San Pedro, and Compton.  He has taught as Adjunct Faculty in several colleges:  A.D.R., Contracts, Torts, Evidence, Wills&Trusts. He lives in Laguna Beach CA with wife Patti Rabun and enjoys boating and golf. 



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                               Emeritus Panel Members

Below mentioned are some of the many names of former panel members who have either
passed or taken on new assignments and to whom J.D.R. will be forever deeply indebted:

Hon. Paul Aiello, Shasta Lake
Hon. Richard Aisenson, Bear Valley Springs
Hon. Richard Amerian, Los Angeles
Hon. Carlos Baker, Hollister
Hon. Jules Barnett, Los Angeles
Hon. Elizabeth Baron, Atascadero
Hon. Jerry Berenson, Ventura
Hon. Bob Brissenden, Los Alamitos
Richard Burke, Esq., New Caanan, CT
Hon. Raymond Cardenas, Pacific Palisades
Hon. Peter Clarke, Spokane, WA
William B. Craig, Esq., San Clemente
Hon. Jim Cook, Fullerton
Hon. Scott Dales, Riverside
Hon. Robert Devich, Mission Viejo
Hon. Benjamin Diaz, Sacramento
Hon. Ralph Drummond, Carmel Valley
Hon. David Eagleson, Long Beach
Hon. Jerry Fields, Los Angeles
Hon. Macklin Fleming, Los Angeles
Paul Fritz, Esq., Santa Barbara
Hon. Robert Gallivan, Newport Beach
Hon. Francis Garvey, Los Angeles
Hon. Thaxton Hanson, Los Angeles
Hon. Leighton Hatch, Sacramento
Hon. Burt Henson, Ventura
Hon. Paul Egly

Vernon Hunt, Esq., Santa Ana
Hon. Lon Hurwitz, Santa Ana
Hon. William Huss, Los Angeles
Hon. Joseph Katz, San Bernardino
Hon. James Kolts, Altadena
Steven R. Kuhn, Esq,. San Juan Capistrano
William Lawless, Esq., Newport Beach
Douglas C. Liechty, Esq., Newport Beach
Hon. Campbell Lucas, Long Beach
Hon. Arthur Marshall, Los Angeles
Hon. Howard McClain, Riverside
Hon. Ted E. Millard, Orange
Hon. Robert Monarch, Orange
Hon. Phillip Newman, Los Angeles
Hon. Jerry Pacht, Los Angeles
Hon. George Paras, Sacramento
Hon. Irving Perluss, Sacramento
Hon. Woody Rich, Riverside
Robert A. Scott, Esq., Newport Beach
John Stockdale, Esq., Beverly Hills
Bruce Taylor, Esq., Mill Valley
Hon. Julius Title, Los Angeles
Hon. Ross Tharp, San Diego
Hon. Ricardo Torres, Los Angeles
Hon. Leonard Wolf, Venice
Hon. Del Wong Los, Angeles
Hon. Charles W. Froehlich