JDR Neutral Fee Schedule

   $495.00-$695.00 per hour* =  $247.50-$347.50 pro rata (x2 law firms)                           (eff.1-1-15)

  • Filing Fee =                         $0.00 (no charge / not applicable)
  • Administrative Fee =           $0.00 (no charge / not applicable)
  • Case Management Fee =     $0.00 (no charge / not applicable)
  • Conference Room Fee =      $0.00 (no charge / not applicable)
  • Travel Fee =                         $0.00 (no charge / not applicable for travel w/in county)
  • Per Diem =                            flat rate pre-negotiated for multiple day matters

Retention, Continuance, Cancellation & Additional Services Agreement© 

                                                (Please Read Carefully)

JDR has created the most flexible and equitable retention invoice policy in the A.D.R. service sector.  J.D.R. panel members are independent contractors with *individual hourly rates and reserve their time based upon the oral or written requests of counsel including all Professional Services noted below. 

Invoices are generated upon minimum time requested and reserved and not time actually used. There is no refund or credit for unused time. This agreement is between J.D.R. and attending law firms and not the law firms’ clients, insurance carriers or litigation standing. All fees must be received on the due date. Strict compliance policy is followed. The Calendar Dept. recognizes the fortuitous nature of the legal calendar, i.e., additional discovery, impending trial dates, early settlement, etc. Consequently, counsel is cautioned to allow sufficient time for case setting and fee remittance to preserve the neutral and hearing date.   

Retention of Professional Services includes, and is not limited to: hearing time requested and reserved, review and research of briefs for mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation, discovery motions, trial and/or deposition transcripts, exhibits, contracts, documents, records, ledgers, journals, medical records, medical/expert reports, medical films, x-rays, police/expert reports, photographs, diagrams, demonstrative evidence, post-hearing evidence review, arbitration award preparation, etc. All persons are invited to call and/or e-mail the Calendar Dept. [800-404-4537 or jdr4adr@gmail.com] for the hourly rate and/or minimum time of the neutral and the law firms’ request for date(s) and time estimate before the matter can be reserved and go on calendar. Written notice confirmation of the neutral, date, time, venue, format, rules/notes, due dates, final fees, etc. will be given.


  1. No charge - when written notice is received more than 30 calendar days prior to the scheduled hearing date, less any judicial review previously incurred.
  2. 50% of the total fee is retained when written notice is received 15 or less calendar days prior to the scheduled hearing. Continuances are contingent upon the prior receipt of all fees.


  1. No charge - when written notice is received more than 30 calendar days prior scheduled hearing less any neutral time and charges previously incurred.  
  2. 50% of the total fee is retained and balance is refunded or creditied if notice is received less than 30 and more than 15 calendar days prior to the scheduled hearing.  
  3. 100% of the total fee is retained if notice is received less than 15 calendar days to scheduled hearing.

                                     Additional Services

If additional services are required a supplemental hourly fee invoice may follow including not limited to: 
hearing time extended, research/review of documents, exhibits; drafting of: awards, statements of decision, agreements, settlement proposals, discovery plans, motions, findings, extensive calendaring coordination. Court reporters, video-tele conferencing, photocopy, catering, off site conference rooms, etc. at posted rates. Per diem/travel is pre-negotiated. Arbitrations require a 50% minimum non-refundable retainer upon calendaring of dates. Awards, statements of decisions, findings, etc. issued on receipt of all outstanding fees.